Sunday, 10 December 2017

Canadian Cannabis - Cotton Candy Kush

This is my critique of this magnificent strain one of the best I ever had. Cotton Candy.

Cotton Candy
Type is Indica dominant.

This superb cannabis bud is a medicinal marijuana top of the line. A great lemon taste and soft thick greasy white smoke at soon the joint is started. It give a great high and a constant great feeling appears in your body 

Better than opiates it leave me unaware of the low-back pain and I still can do all my normal activities.

On the photo the bud weight approx 0.5 gram and it worth maybe 3.50 $ CDN

This is one of the best genetic to grow at home. But it have a really strong skunk like smell.

- Reduce pain a lot
- Enhance creativity
- Regular market cost ... 50$ for 7 grams
- Dried to perfection for a great combustion in a paper or in the bong !


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